A fun day in Ein Karem

Guided tour of Ein Kerem – the picturesque is a colorful and unique artist village located between and inside the houses of the ancient houses that stand on the terraces
We will go and hear about the stories of the place, about the spring and the monastery between vines and wild orchards, the ancient churches and the unique synagogues only to Ein Kerem (scene in itself)
And we will visit the chocolate house and factory, the famous rose house where we will get to know the woman and the dream, restaurants with long traditions, a tour of narrow alleys that reach another building and another art studio, unique vintage photography, and the wares of people who realized the most magical inspiration, live in a fertile and unique community. The music around, the handicrafts, the surprising and stimulating cuisine that make the visit and tour in Ein Kerem – a fun day of art and cuisine, unforgettable and especially original 

Can be combined, in a tour of unique tastings – to enhance the experience