A fun day in Old Zefat

The two-thousand-year-old city of Safed is full of stories and history, but it has a spiritual fragrance, a creative charm and a melody.
We will walk in a spectacular Galilean landscape full of spaces, in picturesque and blue alleys, hidden stone courtyards and ancient synagogues of the Ari, Rabbi Yosef Caro, in the Artists’ Campus of Yosef Castel Yitzhak Frenkel and others, to Ziona Tagar and its magical home. Many hand and intriguing, we will talk about the Kabbalists, the Hasidim and hear about the city gate and the fortress that was.
The tour of the city will be combined with a unique workshop in art and cuisine and we will enjoy an excellent local restaurant.
A fun day in the magical and powerful Safed, especially spiritual for you.

Can be combined, in a tour of unique tastings – to enhance the experience