A Journey to Women’s Empowerment: A Guided Tour of Tel Aviv-Yaffo​

A guided tour of Tel Aviv following the wonderful poetesses, a tour following their work and personal story intertwined in the history of little Tel Aviv and also the modern one of the previous century
A story by Jonah Wallach, Tirza Atar, Leah Goldberg and the poet Rachel
We will hear the songs, taste their works, visit their homes and the scenery of the plot of their lives and return to the written lines and the exciting music, to the familiar and hidden content in these amazing women
A poetic, exciting, empowering and inspiring tour that takes us out and into ourselves
A classic fun day for women, for birthday celebrations, for a bachelorette party and for moments that run through the heart
Tasting can be combined to enhance the experience

Can be combined, in a tasting tour – to enhance the experience