A tour of the Tel Aviv port

A tour of the port following its stories, its cultural architecture and Zionist nostalgia
The East Fair, a spacious complex that presented a variety of products from around the world and where important events in the history of Tel Aviv were held, the first concert – where the Philharmonic Orchestra, the first radio broadcast. The international fair was the reason for the feeling that Tel Aviv is at the center of the world, at least in the opinion of the great mayor, Meir Dizengoff
The Tel Aviv port, built in April 1936, in response to the Arab uprising, was the historic port of the new and modern city, Sha’ar Zion
On our guided tour of Tel Aviv, in the renovated and wonderful port, we will sail towards Thessaloniki history, tell the story of the sea and the construction of the port, look out over the buildings of the White City and the unique power station Reading, for a juicy story like the oranges rolled in it
Can be combined, in a tour of unique tastings – to enhance the experience

The tour in Tel Aviv is conducted with your emphases, it’s your fun day in Tel Aviv, your tastings in Tel Aviv, and your budget