About me

Who am I?

Tour Art We offer art, culture, and culinary tours as well as classic tours of Tel Aviv-Yaffo with a team of vivacious, fun, and knowledgeable guides who are just waiting to tantalize your every sense.

My name is Lilach, and I’m a tour guide and the founder of Tour Art. I’ve been guiding tours in Israel and worldwide for over twenty years. Tel Aviv-Yaffo is my specialty – I live and breathe the culture, art, and spirit of this amazing city. My city tours are varied, theatrical, and funny – some are even enhanced with theatrical monologues, musical accompaniment, song, and dance. I also offer a mind-body workshop add-on to my tours. 

Tour Art will take you to stunning, carefully curated locations, chosen especially to fit each group. Our tours are a great way to celebrate a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, work fun day, continuing education program, or any other special event. We’ll tailor the tour to your needs and work closely with you to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. 

Your tour can include a meal
tastings, activities, and additional content and combinations. You’re welcome to create it with me, to help me create the manuscript. 

Ah…and it won’t be a standard tour (unless that’s what you want). 

Our tours all uncover the layers of Tel Aviv through stories, philosophy, art, architecture, history, literature, combining them in a way that creates special magic. 

I have a degree in psychology, and also studied theater, graphology and drawing diagnosis, dance, and yoga. I also have a Master’s in multi-disciplinary art, am a lecturer and I also lead workshops on the mind-body connection. All of our tours are built with the same richness and variety that I believe in. 

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