Art and Gallery Tour in Neve Tzedek

This magical guided Tel Aviv tour takes us to a special, luxurious, and colorful neighborhood. We’ll visit unique galleries and studios of a variety of artists and take in the street art that is sprouting up among the neighborhood’s low-built houses. The street art is unique to this specific neighborhood and has a special story, the story of strict preservation and restoration laws.

We’ll see quality art and established studios alongside provocative, innovative works by modern artists, and sparkling new galleries. We’ll learn about existing techniques, about the artists themselves and the styles that characterize them, and ask ourselves – what is Israeli art? Mostly, we’ll have fun in a day full of fine-tuned aesthetics.

This Tel Aviv tour expands horizons and inspires while calming the soul.

The tour in Tel Aviv is conducted with your emphases, it’s your fun day in Tel Aviv, your tastings in Tel Aviv, and your budget!