Art tour, sculptures and galleries on Rothschild Avenue

The most Tel Aviv boulevard becomes an outdoor museum, where the encounter between an idea and an implementation happens all the time
We will start our tour at Habima Square led by Danny Caravan and the top of the Acropolis of the White City, from there we will continue along the buildings, stories, special sculptures and their beams, along benches, trees and landscape architecture we will meet the connection between them, the city of culture and international architecture
We will visit about three interesting galleries, and very different from each other
We will discuss what has changed for us over the decades? What is between restoration and preservation? The various movements, the diverse artists and more. A tour that reveals far beyond walking alongside the morning coffee and familiar encounters. The boulevard will never be as it was for you before
Get ready to fall in love!

Can be combined, in a tasting tour – to enhance the experience