Diagnosis of drawings​

An interactive, interesting and enriching workshop on deciphering paintings. The world of paintings reveals the creative forces and passions in man, and inherent in us from birth. Using the colors, shapes and graphics seen on the page, a variety of topics were deciphered and a variety of ideas and methods were touched upon

The diagnosis of the paintings that has penetrated the consciousness of educators, therapists and psychologists, shows what is behind each stain and line that expresses the same creative painting that helps the child’s development. What expression do we as adults use? What is our strong talent? What do we tell about ourselves

The bush is a wonderful way to learn, to enrich ourselves with a variety of views and to decipher strong and repetitive codes, yes to resolve important nodes in our lives

An amazing and diverse workshop, which we will go through accompanied by a variety of drawings, examples, theories and touching moments

A personal diagnostic tip will be given to each participant

התקשרו כדי להתייעץ , לשמוע יותר על הסדנה וכדי שאוכל לתפור עבורכם סדנת אבחון ציורים מדויקת !