Following creative and changing art at Central Station​

A tour of the second largest station in the entire world. In a huge complex full of happy and frightening innovative surprises
A tour of a parallel world, the resounding world of foreign workers and asylum seekers. , For unforgettable moments and sites .. touching. A tour following a gallery on the transparent floor of unique art from around the world, along avant-garde exhibition spaces, exciting and unusual studios, a Yiddish museum, meeting places, a Philippine market, forgotten spaces, a cinema and a cave of bats 
There are no such things anywhere else in the world. A tour that will leave us with a different imprint and awareness
The tour will focus on the creators and works of art at Central Station, from the architects who build the station to the installations that depend on it, to the performance and street art intertwined along the length and breadth of the new Central Station

Can be combined, in a tasting tour – to enhance the experience