Food Tour in the Tikva Market, South Tel Aviv

Fresh sambusak, sachlav from the Garden of Eden, hamra with spiced fava beans, a sweet shop with a story, and more…this tour is full of flavor and ambiance, almost like a time capsule from another era. Yet the new market is clean, renovated, and enclosed and it’s always and pleasant to stroll down the aisles and nibble

Don’t miss out on the special, hidden corners where we’ll hear fascinating stories while enjoying authentic, picante cuisine and even a shot of something a bit stronger

The Yemenite and Iraqi communities are dominant in this atmospheric neighborhood, with its stories of local heroes, like that of the well-known Israeli singer Ofra Haza. So, it’s time to ditch the pre-conceived notions and just have fun

The tour in Tel Aviv is conducted with your emphases, it’s your fun day in Tel Aviv, your tastings in Tel Aviv, and your budget