Guided Tour of Old Yaffo

Yaffo is multi-faceted, and they say she’s most romantic at night…but even during the day, the city is full of life and passion, imagination and inspiration for people who like to journey back into the history and culture of the ingathering of the exiles. We’ll visit its ancient harbor, which served as the main harbor in the Crusader period, and the Ottoman expanse that was surrounded by massive walls.

Is Yaffo named after Yefet (that’s Japheth in English)? Or after  ? Or is it a variance on the word “yofi”, beauty in Hebrew? Whatever the origin of the name, the city has undergone transformations and reincarnations under its various rulers who strove to control its strategic location over the past 4000 years.

We’ll hear the story of the first pope who resurrected Tabitha from the dead and the holy Christian site, of the cedars of Lebanon that were brought to build the Holy Temple, and the ancient mosques that hold significance in Islam. For Catholic Christians, this is the place from which Christianity spread to the rest of the world!

The sound of church bells, of the muezzin calling people to prayer in the country’s third-largest mosque, are all part of the magic of Yaffo and its multiple cultures and religions. It’s a fascinating experience full of Tel Aviv-Yaffo fun!

The tour in Tel Aviv is conducted with your emphases, it’s your fun day in Tel Aviv, your tastings in Tel Aviv, and your budget!