Neve Tzedek Tour

This historical tour takes us to the first neighborhood built outside of Yaffo’s walls, a picturesque and communal neighborhood that was ahead of its time. From the time it was founded in 1887 until today, it has been a center for thought leaders, artists, galleries, and restaurants. We’ll stroll through the picturesque streets listening to stirring stories, poems, and music, and meet the main characters in the story of the journey out of Yaffo’s walls and to Neve Tzedek today, with all of its diversity. On our guided tour we’ll visit the founder’s street, the infamous bridge, the synagogue, and the house of the neighborhood’s founder

This Tel Aviv tour has a country vibe with its red roofs, the first movie theater, kiosks, and the black market, and includes the most significant moments of little Tel Aviv, Ahuzat Bayit

It’s a day of fun that expands your horizons and calms your soul

The tour in Tel Aviv is conducted with your emphases, it’s your fun day in Tel Aviv, your tastings in Tel Aviv, and your budget