Theatrical Tour of the Carmel Market

Theatrical tour in Tel Aviv, the quietest neighborhood of this ebullient city. This musical, yummy neighborhood is full of synagogues, and we’ll discover it through humorous characters from its past in this funny, unique, and musical tour. We’ll meet the city Mukhtar, hear stories about the neighborhood’s infamous mafia and criminals, visit the homes of Ahuva Ozeri, Sarah Levy Tana’ai and learn about the Inbal, Diklon, and Tzlili Hakerem (Vineyard Sounds) bands, as well as the neighborhood’s unique current art scene, and meet extraordinary people who will take part in the tour. Tasting tours in the Yemini Vineyard and Carmel Market can be added to this tour – highly recommended! 



Guided tour of Tel Aviv with your emphasis, a fun day in Tel Aviv – to your taste, tasting in Tel Aviv – on your budget!