Tours in Tel Aviv following Arik Einstein - the most Tel Aviv there is​

The dream singer .. the special person and the symbol of the country’s products in Tel Aviv, was everything from everything. Outstanding athlete, gifted actor, singer with a baritone voice
Resonant, talented screenwriter, unique and exciting poet and composer 
The man who loved being in the house who wrote and created for us a soundtrack of life
We will tour through points where his life took place in Tel Aviv, at home in his natural environment through his songs and melodies, through his creative partners in the White City. We will get excited and sing his songs, we will raise memories, stories and through the landscapes of his life we will be inspired. To rejoice, to express, to create
With the longings, we will return to childhood, to a trip to Tel Aviv of yesteryear, to a guided tour of Tel Aviv – of the good old Israel and to that of today
The guided tour is musical and experiential, simple – a fun day in Tel Aviv

Can be combined, in a tasting tour – to enhance the experience